Saturday Workshop Review - Behavioral Approach to Classroom Management

Saturday Workshop Review – Behavioral Approach to Classroom Management

On Saturday, November 12th, teachers, parents and professionals attended the very popular, Behavioral Approach to Classroom Management workshop presented by InKids’ CCI supervisor, BCBA and certified teacher, Allison Day.

Attendees learned about the functions of behavior, antecedent interventions, and group contingencies. saturdayworkshopAllison described how to implement conditioned reinforcement systems in the classroom as well as how to make reinforcement techniques effective and truly motivating. Participants learned how to implement the Good Behavior Game, a highly effective, research-based classroom management technique that works for all kids, those with disabilities and those without.

Allison discussed how to make current classroom systems, such as behavior clip charts, more behavioral and more effective. Participants learned to avoid the common problems inherent in typical classroom management systems. Some problems addressed were identifying target behaviors, consistency of implementation, and administering effective consequences. Allison also addressed participant questions regarding getting parents and school administrators on-board with behavior techniques and strategies.

Attendees received 18 tips and tricks to use in the classroom such as identifying and addressing precursor behaviors, teaching wait time/down time, how to set up smoother transitions, and making attention competitive. At the end, participants broke out into small groups to work on creating classroom management systems for fictional students in different scenarios. Ideas and strategies were shared with the group as well as real life experiences of strategies that have worked in their individual classrooms.

Including Kids is a TEA approved continuing education credit provider and many participants took advantage by receiving FREE continuing education credits! Including Kids also offers free BACB CEUs for behavior analysts and certificates of attendance. Have a topic you’d like to see us present a workshop on? No problem! Email your great topic ideas to!

Including Kids also offers consultations to schools and families on an individual basis.  InKids offers trainings for peers and classrooms on interacting and understanding peers with special needs. Contact if you are interested in setting up one of these trainings for your classroom!

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