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Texas Weather in December

December is a confusing month for Texas weather, especially in Houston. It’s unpredictable. Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold.

As we find ourselves sporting t-shirts and open-toed shoes one second and sweaters and scarves the next, it is important that we also work to prepare our students for these daily climate changes.

Having a chart that visually explains warm and cold weather and the appropriate clothing to be worn with each type of weather may be helpful.  For example, in your chart, you could have a “cold” picture (something depicting cold weather, snow, etc.) and then have a correlating picture of appropriate clothing for cold weather: a coat, a pair of pants, a long sleeve shirt. The same can be done with “warm” weather.

If possible, have your child open the door in the morning before getting dressed and have them identify the weather using the visual chart. Then, assist them as choose (touch/pull) the clothes that they should wear.

Understanding what items of clothing go with which type of weather will not only help them if they have anxiety about changing clothes but also promotes independence as they get older. Your case supervisor can even help make this visual for you if you would like to use it!