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Spotlight Series Review May 2016

On Saturday May 7th, parents came out to Including Kids to attend the free workshop Potty Talk: Best Practices in Toilet Training. Free childcare was provided so the children could play with peers while their parents attended the workshop.

Kristen Vaughn, Program Director at Including Kids, discussed considerations for beginning toilet training, barriers to potty training, troubleshooting and tools. Parents and teachers were given practical methods for working on toilet training at home and at school including a sample datasheet for recording accidents and dry periods.

The first question Kristen said that all parents and teachers need to answer before they begin potty training is “Am I ready?” Potty training can be intensive and full of setbacks and accidents, even for typical children so parents and care givers must be ready to work through those challenges. Parents have to be willing to forgo the pull up, knowing that it may mean more potty accidents to clean up along the way.  Kristen also discussed parents’ rights with regards to a public school toilet training their child and collecting data. Parents and teachers were able to ask questions regarding troubleshooting common issues with toilet training such as fear of the restroom or reluctance to flush the toilet.

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