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Saturday Workshop Review: Babysitting Course/Techy Tools and Autism Apps

Saturday, April 29th was a busy day at Including Kids!  We held our first Babysitter Training Course of the year: Caring for Children with Autism. Participants attended this three hour workshop to gain the skills necessary to babysit for children and teens with autism.

Some of the topics covered included:

  • What is autism
  • How might a teen with autism differ from a young child with autism
  • Babysitting best practices
  • Handling problem behavior
  • Handling basic minor injury care
  • Proper use of gloves and insect repellant
  • What to do in emergency situations
  • How to determine your babysitting rate/fee

Participants left with many tools in their “Babysitting Toolbox” including a family interview form, babysitting self-assessment and tons of safe and fun activities for kids with autism. InKids will be offering more of these trainings in May, June and July! Visit www.includingkids.org/register-for-an-event to register for the next training!

On Saturday, we also hosted a free Spotlight Series workshop Techy Tools and Autism Apps. Participants learned how to use the iPad as a tool for learning with their child or young adult with autism. Jacob showed participants some amazing features included on Apple products such as Guided Access and Restrictions. Participants loved the hands-on practice with these features!

Jacob also gave guidelines for determining if an app would be appropriate for your learner. Participants also learned about some great apps that we use at Including Kids such as First Then Visual Schedules and 123TokenMe. They were able to sample these apps on our iPads. As always, InKids provided free childcare during this workshop so that parents could attend this informative session worry-free knowing their child was safe and cared for by trained staff.

InKids offers free Spotlight Series workshops every month with free childcare! Visit www.includingkids.org/register-for-an-event to register for these events. In May, we are offering the highly-requested topic, Safety and De-Escalation Techniques to help families learn how to handle aggressive behaviors and situations. Space is limited and the workshop is filling fast so register today!