SOAR Academy - Including Kids Autism Center

Soar Academy

for ages 12-22

SOAR is a program for children and young adults where your child works one on one with a behavior therapist to continue building social, communication, behavioral and applied life skills. Clients also participate in age appropriate group and community learning as they are expanding their abilities and generalizing skills. We strongly emphasize teaching self-monitoring and self-awareness, i.e. setting phone alarms to take medicine, checking their chore chart, etc. so that over time, staff can fade proximity and support. Specific areas like hygiene are a focus to ensure privacy and safety for every client as they transition into adulthood.

SOAR provides one Board Certified Behavior Analyst for every 5-6 cases and provides extensive individualized treatment plans focused on addressing the core deficits of autism as well as the needs of the family. Our entire program is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), a research-based treatment proven to be most effective for individuals on the autism spectrum. Data collection and analysis are an integral part of every client’s treatment plan to ensure that the treatment we are providing is working and to help us make adjustments as needed. We have programs with different levels of support to ensure placement is the least restrictive setting possible for each client.

Our behavior therapists also work on providing extensive generalization of skills, beginning in the clinic and moving to the appropriate community based setting, including facilitating haircuts, medical treatments, dental appointments, peer activities etc.  A significant emphasis of our programs is inclusion in the community and a focus on skills that can be applied to a client’s everyday life. Quality of life for the client and their family is of utmost importance, and safety and independence are our top priority for every client. All children have the use of an iPad and we offer individualized parent, sibling and caregiver training so that continuity of care and generalization of skills can be achieved. Parent participation is a program requirement and is vital to your child’s success.

For more information, visit our homepage or contact us at or give us a call at 281-852-0501. We would love to welcome you to the Including Kids community.

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