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Professional Presenter Series May 2016

ABCs of FBAs: Understanding Functional Behavior Assessments

IMG_0367On May 21st, parents and teachers attended our Professional Presenter Series workshop to learn about FBAs (Functional Behavior Assessments) from Chris Roath, case supervisor of our SOAR program. Participants received the benefit of Chris’ long experience of assessing and treating problem behavior as they listened to his first hand experiences and watched videos.

Chris covered the different terminology related to FBAs, the functions of behavior and the different types of ways to collect data during an FBA. He discussed the importance of determining the right function in order to create the right treatment for the home and for school settings.

Participants learned about functional analyses (FA), the goal standard in assessing the function of behavior in behavior analysis, by watching videos of the different conditions. Chris discussed how to run the different conditions (with a Board Certified Behavior Analyst supervising), how to interpret the data and graphs as well as modifications to the traditional FA. Chris ended the presentation by going over some function-based interventions including extinction and Functional Communication Training (FCT).

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