New Year, new goals… might involve change! - Including Kids Autism Center

As we look forward to #Crushing2020 we begin to re-examine good habits and routines that we have let slide throughout the past year. We have a chance to get back on track and reset. I love the ability to hit the reset button every January 1st. However, let’s challenge ourselves in 2020 to think beyond just re-establishing old habits but embrace CHANGE! 


Let us be careful not to get stuck in the same old routines and do things the same way all the time. The more you can help your child adjust to change, the more prepared they are for life experiences. 


Examples include: 

  • taking different routes home from school
  • going through the grocery store in a different order
  • going to different restaurants on different nights
  • using different utensils, plates, napkins, etc. during meal times
  • sit in different places at the dinner table


Embracing change requires a little extra effort but we want to encourage you to take the leap! If your child has a hard time with change, be proactive and prepare them ahead of time. Here are some helpful steps to prepare your child to embrace change: 

  • Use a visual that represents “change” in general (i.e. a card with a square, square, circle and an arrow pointing to the circle) {Insert example of the visual}
  • Show that card to your child before you are about to do something different. Reinforce your child frequently during the change, either verbally or with a tangible reinforcement like a favorite snack or access to an electronic device they enjoy. You know your child best so this will vary with each child. 


It is very easy to be bound by our routines and the reality is they do make life easier; however, we all know life is not always routine. Let’s help our children be prepared for the changes that life will throw at them this year.

At Including Kids, we appreciate the opportunity to be a partner with you and your family in 2020. Please continue to watch our Facebook page and visit our website to view upcoming events that might benefit your family.