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Including Kids, Inc Begins New Program, Focused Intervention Sessions

Including Kids, Inc is an autism center in Humble, Texas. We are now offering Focused Intervention sessions to adults on the autism spectrum. Our Outreach department is heading up these new FI sessions.
These sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of the individuals participating. Because it is a personalized, goal driven program we anticipate it will be highly successful for our participants, and in turn, the community as a whole.

blogadultautismWe are committed to helping people with autism transition into the community as adults with the proper supports. The Focused Intervention sessions are available to clients ages 18 and up, and will focus on several different arenas. We expect steady growth throughout the year as more people discover and take advantage of this valuable learning opportunity.

The different domains covered by our FI sessions include social interaction, self determination and self advocacy. Also covered will be skills of adult living, employment and career development skills, lifelong learning and continuing education, and appropriate recreation and leisure activities. By teaching these skills, Including Kids hopes to enrich the lives of adults with autism and help them comfortably participate in their community.

In addition to the FI sessions, we are adding weekly adult seminars. These seminars will create an environment that allows adults with autism to learn social thinking skills. The seminars will both present and engage adults with autism in social situations they may encounter in the community. Role playing and small groups will facilitate a successful learning environment for these critical skills.

These seminars last 60 minutes each and will run about 12 weeks. In addition to the seminars themselves, our clients will be able to attend lunch meetings out and about in the community. These lunch meetings are opportunities for FI participants to exercise their learned skills in a realistic setting, as well as informing our instructors about any gaps in skills the clients have, so the seminar can focus on those lacking areas.

Our Lunch BUNCH meetings (Learn By Understanding Natural Conversations and Hidden rules) teach key skills that adults with autism need to know in order to be successful and comfortable in a variety of social situations.

Along with the Lunch BUNCH, our clients are encouraged to actively participate in monthly social events, where staff members will be present for their social support. Clients will also be given the opportunity to practice their skills by volunteering at other Including Kids events.

Including Kids is dedicated to providing adults with autism the resources they need to achieve their highest potential. These programs will teach skills that are crucial to the success and independence of adults on the autism spectrum.

Including Kids, Inc has been serving the autism community for more than 13 years. Over 650 families spanning over 12 counties in the Greater Houston area have benefitted from our unmatched dedication and expertise. These numbers continue to grow as our community becomes aware of the many programs and resources we offer.