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We’re always looking for volunteers to help with events, committees and more. 

Currently, you can get involved by:

  • Being an after-school tutor
  • Helping with administrative preparation and staffing for community outreach and fundraising events
  • Being a guest speaker for Including Stars
  • Being a presenter for Saturday Support Services and Lunch and Learns
  • Being an Including Kids, Inc. ambassador in your community (spread awareness)
  • Helping with housekeeping and repairs 
  • Being a peer model
  • Sharing a talent or skill (woodworking, painting, golfing)
  • Helping with babysitting during Including Kids workshops and services
  • Being an Including Kids job site partner
  • Being a social media partner (Like, Share, Post, Connect)


If interested, please fill out a form below or call us at 281-852-0501.

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