Help Us Build New Hope

New Building RenderingWe want you to feel informed and empowered during the progression of our Campaign. Below we have outlined in detail what your help means for our current program and what we can accomplish with your support. 

Breaking Ground at $1,000,000: Building Hope & a New Building

After 13 years of building a successful and financially sound organization, Including Kids is ready to own and build a state-of-the-art facility. To make this a reality, Including Kids is launching a capital campaign to raise $4,000,000. The capital campaign will raise funds to purchase property, to provide for some administrative oversight of the capital campaign, and to purchase fixtures and furniture needed to serve its special student population. The selected property will also have sufficient land space for future facility expansion, if and as needed. We plan on breaking ground as soon as we have raised $1,000,000.

Becoming a Model Program

Including Kids has an eleven-year track record of raising sufficient revenues for its expenditures and will continue to raise sufficient revenues to sustain costs for the new facility. Currently, 86% of Including Kids program is sustained by program fees and the remaining 14% is raised through individual giving, grants, corporate sponsorships and special events.

Including Kids has calculated costs for the new facility and is confident that it will able to sustain costs to operate the new building without an increase in its budget. Including Kids anticipates that costs of the building, including maintenance and utilities, will be equal to or less than what Including Kids is currently paying in a rental situation.

The children will benefit tremendously from having access to a state-of-the-art treatment facility for its staff and programs. Having a centralized location for all programs will make for a more cohesive and effective unit. It will be much easier for administrators to guide staff and provide oversight when in closer proximity to one another.

This facility will also provide Including Kids with the ability to renovate its facility to meet the growing needs of the community and serve hundreds of children and young adults with ASD through expanded program services.

With the new space available, comes new opportunities for Community Outreach initiatives designed specifically for those who come from lower socio-economic backgrounds.

Will You Be an Essential Piece?

We desire to build an autism support campaign that serves our community and we believe that everyone who donates ($68 or more) to make this possible should have their name permanently remembered at our facility because each and every one of you are an essential piece to our autism puzzle. 

Please consider helping Including Kids, Inc. be the place that every family with autism can receive the support they need. See details for recognition levels or call us to discuss potential naming rights. 


$68 – $167

3×3 inch connector puzzle piece in puzzle collage

$1,000 – $4,999

8×11 inch personalized puzzle with your choice of photo and wording

$40,000 – $49,000

Recognition on Pillar of the Community structure


$168 – $679

4×4 inch border piece in puzzle collage

$5,000 – $9,999

Recognition on Community Connectors bench

$50,000 & Up

Recognition on Key Piece entryway structure


$680 – $999

5×5 inch corner piece in puzzle collage

$10,000 – $39,999

Recognition on Community of Friends puzzle structure

Capital Campaign Budget Breakdown

Expenditure Cost
Land Donated
Amount Needed to Break Ground $1,000,000
New Building Construction $3,000,000
Total Project Cost $4,000,000

To make a gift to our Capital Campaign or to discuss giving opportunities and naming rights, please contact Jennifer Dantzler at 281-852-0501

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