Sib Club - Including Kids Autism Center

Sib Club
for siblings ages 5 to 13

At Including Kids, we are known for providing services to assist the whole family, not just to our clients with special needs. Our Sib Club is a social club for the typically developing siblings (ages 5-13 years old) of children with special needs. For these siblings, it’s extremely meaningful to be surrounded periodically by a group of peers who “get it.” Not every child understands the ups and downs of having a sibling with special needs, which is why forming these bonds and friendships with others who do can give them a sense of belonging, understanding, and appreciation. At Sib Club, facilitators assist the children in sharing feelings and experiences in an encouraging and positive environment.

Along with providing a peer support, children and teens in this group can attain a better mindset and outlook towards their lives and improve the way in which they interact with their sibling with special needs. By doing so, this group not only benefits the life of your typically developing child, but it also improves upon the life of your child with special needs and your family life.

The Including Kids community also arranges and participates in Autism Appreciation Events that can be fun for the whole family and help increase autism awareness in the Houston community. 

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