Play Club - Including Kids Autism Center

Play Club

for ages 4 to 6

Individuals with special needs learn better when they can model skills from their age-appropriate peers. The Including Kids Play Club is a social skills program for children ages 4-6 years old. Children on the autism spectrum will learn and play alongside their typically developing peers in a safe and fun learning environment facilitated by behavior therapists. Example skills worked on in this group include: interacting appropriately with peers, taking turns, imitating peers and pretend play skills.  Families that would like to send their typically-developing children to Play Club may do so for FREE as interacting with typically developing peers will improve your child’s behavioral skills and prepare them for typical classroom setting inclusion.

By playing and learning with typically developing peers in a controlled environment at such a young age, children will acquire the foundational behavioral skills needed later in their lives as social relationships become more complex. For children on the autism spectrum, picking up on certain subtle, unspoken social cues does not come easily. This is why is is so important for children to interact and learn with others in a nurturing environment so that they may build the skills to identify certain behaviors and what is appropriate for what context. At Including Kids, our ultimate goal for every one of our clients is inclusion into mainstream or typical settings that comes with confidence and learning over time.

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