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Brain Training

for ages 7 to 12

Appropriate social skills are vital tools for achieving success in the world. At Including Kids, we believe that children should not limit their opportunities because of their special needs. Our Brain Training groups teach children on the autism spectrum (ages 6-16 years old) certain executive functioning skills that they will use for the rest of their lives in all sorts of contexts such as: time management, planning, organization, working memory, task initiation, emotional control, and response inhibition.

We work on these skills through various games and activities such as Mystery Word/Sentence, Reverse Sequences, Stare Jr., Cartoon It and through various long term projects. These small group activities and conversations are facilitated by licensed therapists. The group setting also allows your child to socialize with peers while learning and building these skills.

Additional Resources

If your child needs more help with social skills rather than functioning and organizational skills, our Social Skills group may be a great option! Our social skills groups provide social skills instruction through fun activities and peer interaction for children ages 7-11 years old. This group also involves role play and group discussion.

Our FREE monthly Saturday Spotlight Series Workshop is also open to all and covers useful topics for children and their families such as behavior, academics, social skills, self-help skills, communication, independent living skills and family support. Childcare is offered for free for parents attending the workshop. As this free event is in high demand, registration is required to secure a spot.

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