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December Lunch and Learn Review – Transitioning from School to Work

On Wednesday, December 14th, parents and professionals attended the Lunch and Learn on helping young adults with autism transition from school to work. Joel Johnson, InKids’ new Assistant Community Outreach Director, gave the presentation over a complimentary lunch.

Joel started by sharing that all individuals can and should be included in the community and that everyone who wants a job can get a job with the proper supports. Joel discussed that the word “transition” entails a transformative experience with a definite beginning and ending and that individuals should not be “transitioning” indefinitely.

Joel shared the different stages of career development:

  • Imagination/fantasy sub stage, ages 0-10
  • Interest sub stage, ages 11-12,
  • Capacity sub stage, ages 13-14
  • Exploration stage, ages 15-17

Participants learned the importance of matching an individual’s interests with their capacity for that type of job and/or work environment. Participants were give handouts that help assess a work environment with special considerations for individual sensory needs. Attendees followed along with a “thought catalyst” worksheet with questions intended to help them think through and start planning their loved one’s transition from school to work. Questions included What are your top two concerns regarding transition and Who do you know that owns a business, or works in a business that is disability friendly, and how can you find them if you don’t know of one? Joel shared that as of May 2015, “…the combined unemployment and underemployment for young adults with autism is estimated at 90 percent nationwide.” He shared the steps to help a young adult find the right job and how to evaluate a person-environment fit.

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