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Community Trainings
for Community Members


At Including Kids, our clients work hard to make developments in academics and social interactions so that they can strive towards inclusion and have the tools to successfully navigate the world. We cannot expect for individuals on the autism spectrum to achieve inclusion if organizations and communities make no effort to understand autism and how to interact with their peers with special needs. We believe it is of utmost importance to educate and promote awareness in our communities about autism so that everyone can achieve their potential.


It is the goal of Including Kids to help the community understand autism and to understand the importance of inclusion events and opportunities. Upon request, we are happy to host workshops for organizations who want to better understand autism and improve their skills at communicating with and working with individuals on the autism spectrum. We especially want to promote and assist in training for medical professionals, first responders, daycare workers and teachers on interacting with individuals on the autism spectrum.


At Including Kids, our facilities house real dentist and doctor equipment, so our clients know what to expect when interacting with these places within the community. It is our goal that both our clients and members of the community have the resources they need to have a smooth and successful experience, especially in an emergency. While we do our best to prepare our clients for anything life may throw their way, it is also important to us that community members know how to interact with children and adults with autism.


Contact us for more information regarding community training and the different services we offer. We can be reached by contacting us on our Facebook page, emailing us at, or calling us at 281-852-0501.

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