Including Kids, your community, and these children, young adults, and families who are affected by autism or other learning disabilities rely on your generous donations for support. As you know, our 1-to-1 student-to-therapist ratio makes it necessary to fundraise throughout the year. The goal of our Fall Fundraising Campaign is set at $188,000. It’s a lofty goal, but we have lofty plans that we hope will one day include building a free-standing building for our programs and services or finding a new location that better suits our special population of children and young adults.

What can your gift make possible? Opportunities like these:

  • $50 pays for a child to participate in a community inclusion activity.
  • $250 pays for a child’s swimming lessons, which may just save a life.
  • $600 dollars covers the cost of one iPad, which each of our special children and young adults use for developing communication and skill expansion.
  • $1000 covers the cost of one Community Outreach workshop or parent training that we can then provide FREE to the entire community.

There area a number of ways that you can donate. 

  • Shop Amazon Smile and make Including Kids your charity of choice
  • Host an event and make Including Kids your beneficiary
  • Sponsor an event organized by Including Kids, Inc.
  • Request a list from Including Kids and have a supply drive competition
  • Become a community partner by offering services to Including Kids, Inc.
  • Donate to our Capital Campaign (Be an Essential Piece)

Donate 150

*Lori McIlwain, the Executive Director of the National Autism Association, says that “about 90 percent of the wandering fatalities in recent years have been drownings.”